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SEPCOIII wins the bid for Huadian Zibo Phase I Expansion and Renovation Project

2019-7-30 14:54:15

Recently, SEPCOIII received the bid-winning notice and won the bid for the Huadian Zibo Phase I Expansion and Renovation Project successfully。

Huadian Zibo Thermal Power Co., Ltd. has 4 units with total installed capacity of 950 MW. The design heating area is 10 million㎡ (420 MW). It will be constructed in two phases. The design heating area of the phase I is 7.31million㎡. The civil engineering of the factory building is completed in one time, the equipment and auxiliary electrical facilities are built in stages. The scope of the project covers the installation of civil construction equipment, fire-fighting system, lighting, thermal system and so on.

The successful bidding for this project improves the domestic market share of maintenance, and lays the solid foundation for the sustainable development of SEPCOIII.