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【Media Focus】CCTV4 HOMELAND DREAMLAND reports Morocco Noor Phase II&III CSP Project

2019-5-27 9:28:29

Morocco Noor Phase II&III Project is the world biggest constructed CSP project, and provides more than 1 million families with renewable energy and also transfers thesurplus electricity to Europe, reverse the addiction of a long-term electricity import thoroughly. SEPCOIII proceeds charities career actively, supports local industry promotion and provides add up to 14,000 local employments, and awarded “Social Responsibility” and “Economy and Employment Promoting” issued by local government. SEPCOIII has become the cooperation model between Morocco and China.

On May 23, 2019, in the programmer of CCTV 4 HOMELAND DREAMLAND, the Ouarzazate Mayor Derleth invited SEPCOIII staff and the film crew to his home and had the depth communication about Noor project to show the organic integration of two countries cultures and good friendship.